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Optimizely names Luminary Senior Developer, Ynze Nunnink, OMVP

Luminary Senior Developer and Optimizely Lead, Ynze Nunnink has secured the coveted position of Optimizely MVP. Earning a Platinum badge for his contribution to the Optimizely and greater CMS community, Ynze will continue to share knowledge and enhance the Optimizely product offering through his work.

Claire Dunton

By Claire Dunton & Ynze Nunnink, 2 October 20223 minute read

Optimizely’s Most Valuable Professionals (OMVPs) are made up of individuals who bring their experience in technology and business forward in the spirit of an open exchange of knowledge and creativity. Candidates must possess a willingness to use the knowledge gained through their successes and failures to accelerate the success of others. 

We cannot think of a better way to describe Luminary Senior Developer, Optimzely Lead and most recent recipient of the OMVP badge and title, Ynze Nunnink

Luminary is an accredited Optimizely Silver Solution Partner with years of experience as an implementation partner, so we asked him how being an OMVP will impact his role at Luminary.

“It helps me in taking the next step in my career and my position within Luminary. It's a confirmation of my capabilities in the Optimizely space, and it opens up more opportunities in working with existing and potential clients,” Ynze said.

Ynze’s contribution to the Luminary development team and the greater CMS community has been significant, so much so that he will be only the third Australian to join the OMVP ranks, with OMVPs leading and inspiring across 15 countries and 40 organisations. 

In 2007, under the previous Episerver brand banner, the MVP program was created to thank the emerging leaders who championed the platform. Now 15 years on, the OMVP program reflects the top minds in the technical community, Optimzely splitting the OMVPs into two separate, yet equally important, sectors – Technology and Strategy.

OMVPs themselves are not made equal though, with contribution, reach and experience with Optimizely categorising the OMVP tiers into Silver, Gold and Platinum. This hierarchy is designed to support and acknowledge OMVPs based on their audience, influence and ability to implement Optimizely’s product, sharing knowledge and inspiration. Ynze has secured a Platinum level for Technology accompanied by an exhaustive list of skills including architect, ASP .NET Core, CDP, CMP, CMS, Commerce, Community, Experimentation and Microsoft .NET.

The success of Luminary is due to the sum of its parts, and Ynze’s contribution to the development team and the CMS community has allowed Luminary to achieve success for our clients. Meanwhile Ynze has been empowering his colleagues through knowledge sharing and his mindset of curiosity. Ynze’s mission of transforming complex concepts into simple solutions has earned him the title of Optimizely Lead at Luminary, a position that seamlessly works in tandem with his role as Senior Developer.

Ynze started out as a full stack developer, mastering front and back development as well as DevOps. From there, Ynze has further solidified his position as a rising talent by being flexible in his ability to work with a large selection of CMSs, including Sitecore, Kentico Xperience, Kontent.ai, Umbraco, and of course, Optimizely.

Wasting no time in propelling the Optimizely purpose in his newly-appointed position as OMVP, Ynze provided a talk at an Optimizely Meetup at Luminary’s Melbourne office. Ynze presented on multi-site best practice, showcasing Luminary’s work on Fuso Trucks, a sub-brand of Daimler Truck and Bus. He was also joined by Nicola Ayan, Director of Technology and Growth at Optimizely APJ. Hosting events such as this and receiving early access to Optimizely products and features, attending global summits, and access to education subscriptions are some of the benefits offered to OMVPs.

“The early access to new products and initiatives really helps me and Luminary to be at the forefront of new and exciting Optimizely developments. The speaking opportunities and VIP treatment at Optimizely events are also very exciting,” Ynze said.

Luminary is proud to have other team members with MVP status, demonstrating a deep understanding of the CMS tools and products that drive the digital experiences we create for clients across the board. Luminary’s CTO, Andy Thompson, is the only MVP for Kentico and Kontent.ai in Australia. Technical Director, Emmanuel Tissera, is also one of three Australians to hold MVP status for Umbraco.

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