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Fixing bugs, Planting trees...

Kentico planted a tree for one of our developers, Michael Jenkinson, as thanks for finding a rare bug in their CMS. It's all part of a program to keep the Kentico CMS ahead of the game.

Marty Drill

By Marty Drill, 18 February 20102 minute read

Certain bugs do a great deal of good - for certain industries, that is (think: killer ants devouring crop-killing pests in Africa). However, in our industry, bugs are quite simply a pain in the ‘you know what’. Luminary developer, Michael Jenkinson, thinks so too!

While working on a recent project, Michael came across a rare bug in the Kentico CMS and quickly reported his finding to the fine people at Kentico.

'Trees for Bugs'

Once verified, Kentico entered Michael’s ‘bug’ in the Kentico ‘Trees for Bugs’ program. Yup, thats right! Kentico plants a tree for each and every bug found in the 4.1 version of its product. Kentico is renowned for being a powerful, comprehensive CMS that responds quickly to technological developments. This program is part of their approach – using feedback from developers to improve the system more efficiently.

All up, the program anticipated to plant 100 trees - even though the number of bugs reported was expected to much less than that.

So, Michael has done his part in helping solve the climate crisis and now has his very own tree!

Trees standing proudly, all in a row

The ‘Trees for Bugs’ initiative is now complete and Kentico has used the program to help iron out any kinks in its already awesome product. We already love the Kentico CMS, and the ‘Trees for Bugs’ program is proof that Kentico are committed to more than just making great products!

From all of us: well done Michael, and a thumbs-up to Kentico!

More information & references

You can visit the Kentico website or our Kentico page for more information on the Kentico CMS.

We build a lot of websites using the Kentico CMS because it's powerful yet approachable - and the interface is simple, but not in a limiting way. This achieves the balance we want: it's easy for our clients to use, and it lets us develop within an enterprise level framework, with all the bells and whistles at our disposal.

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