Xero & Salesforce API Integration for CGU Insurance

Open data, new opportunities

Marty Drill

By Marty Drill 2 minute read

CGU Insurance recently engaged Luminary to implement an innovative web based quotation tool in partnership with Xero, the cloud based accounting system. We think this digital tool breaks new ground by allowing Xero customers to share their organisation data with CGU and obtain a tailored insurance quote after just a few clicks. With the growth of cloud based applications, public APIs and a more open approach to data, we see a huge potential for generating business leads via technology.

CGU Desktop

The old way

Traditionally, generating new business requires detailed input from the customer. In the case of insurance, it may require meeting with an advisor and filling out pages of information. This approach requires a significant time investment from the customer and is inefficient, especially if the customer is shopping around.

Optimising the process

With public APIs, customers can securely share detailed information with suppliers far more efficiently. By collaborating with CGU and their partners, we developed a digital tool that utilised the Xero and Salesforce APIs to build a temporary and secure information bridge. The application collates company and employee information provided by Xero and submits it directly into Salesforce as a lead. The whole process can take less than a minute.


The benefits

Simple, tailored and efficient. Not only is it now far easier for customers to request a quote, the time investment is minimal with a better quality result. CGU has the detailed information it needs to provide a more accurate quote and the transaction is fully managed within the Salesforce CRM.


A new way to do business?

Using these technologies to provide insurance quotes is just the tip of the iceberg. Generating business leads this way could open up opportunities for any business that supplies goods and services to Xero customers. Car dealerships could provide a detailed quote for upgrading a businesses vehicle fleet. Xero could provide organisational data such as the number of sales staff, the make and model of the current vehicle fleet (for trade in value) and even usage information based on fuel expenditure. It’s not too far fetched to see how the sharing of this information can lead to huge savings, especially when obtaining the quote is simple, tailored and efficient.

Effective collaboration

As developers we are often consulted on what is possible and where technology can add value. It’s been a fantastic journey collaborating with CGU and their partners (System PartnersPrime MotiveXero and Salesforce) to build one of what will become, a new generation of business connected applications.

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