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Leading commerce platform for Kentico, Sitecore and Umbraco

Ucommerce is the market's leading .NET-based commerce platform that is fully integrated with Kentico, Sitecore and Umbraco. As a Ucommerce Certified Partner, Luminary can deliver powerful e-commerce functionality to your Kentico, Sitecore or Umbraco digital platforms.

Since 2009, Ucommerce has provided a .NET-based commerce-first platform that seamlessly integrates with the leading .NET platforms. With offices in the US, Europe and Australia, Ucommerce is an experienced global company with a product that has been used to implement more than 3000 e-commerce solutions worldwide.

Why use Ucommerce?

Ucommerce is an enterprise class commerce-first platform offering maximum customisability and flexibility. It serves the needs of SMEs right through to large multinationals. With Ucommerce, you can take advantage of a broader range of e-commerce functions while still managing content through your preferred CMS.

One of the key benefits of Ucommerce is that as your organisation grows, Ucommerce is able to scale with you. It can facilitate a broad range of e-commerce scenarios, including multiple stores, catalogues, languages, currencies, price points and shipments. Ucommerce adopts the look and feel of the CMS so users will not be aware of where the CMS commerce experience ends and Ucommerce begins. 

Ucommerce features

The following features are available out-of-the-box but are also fully customisable.

  • Catalogue management – Manage your catalogues, stores, products, prices, languages and currencies.
  • Marketing – Encompasses marketing campaigns, discounts, promo codes, bundling and more. 
  • Search – Enhance the search experience with faceted and intelligent auto-complete search capabilities. 
  • Transaction management – Use your existing payment provider, or choose from 25+ out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Order management – Easily review and process orders within Ucommerce or through integration with your ERP.
  • Security – Have full control over who can access which areas of the platform.
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