Tin Huynh

Web Developer

B.ICT (Software Technology) (Swinburne) MIS (Professional) (Melbourne)

Tin is a Certified Kentico Xperience developer.

Tin has been working as a .NET developer since 2013 after spending some time as a web developer in the start-up world. Aside from developing websites and applications for clients across a wide range of Australian industries, Tin spent 2018 sharing his knowledge as a programming teacher for undergraduate students at Swinburne university. Tin has particular expertise in working with MS Graph APIs. His love for all things electronic extends into his love for electronic dance music.

Quick facts about Tin

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♏ Scorpio

Chinese zodiac

🐉 Dragon

Inspired by

His parents, his wife, bosses and colleagues, because without their help, he says, "I would not be where I am today".

Fun fact

Tin is an avid fan of electronic dance producer and DJ Alan Walker.