Tin Huynh

Web Developer

B.ICT (Software Technology) (Swinburne) MIS (Professional) (Melbourne)

Tin is a seasoned .NET developer with extensive experience in Kentico.

Tin has been working as a .NET developer since 2013 after spending some time as a web developer in the start-up world. Aside from developing websites and applications for clients across a wide range of Australian industries, Tin spent 2018 sharing his knowledge as a programming teacher for undergraduate students at Swinburne university. Tin's love for all things electronic extends into his love for electronic dance music.

Quick facts about Tin

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♏ Scorpio

Chinese zodiac

🐉 Dragon

Inspired by

His parents, his wife, bosses and colleagues, because without their help, he says, "I would not be where I am today".

Fun fact

Tin is an avid fan of electronic dance producer and DJ Alan Walker.