Tess French

Design Director

Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Design), Monash Univeristy

Tess has been creating parts of the internet for more than 12 years and is completely in love with the digital medium.

Tess has worked on some of Australia's biggest brands, including BHP Billiton, Coles Supermarkets, South East Water and Villawood homes. Her particular interests are centered on user experience, and she prides herself on a job done right and done well. She feels very strongly that the way something looks is only a small part of the finished product and the way something works is key. 

She became a designer to improve how things are done, how they work, and to make the world a better place. A front end developer in a past life, Tess loves the way the digital landscape changes so quickly and gets a rush out of keeping up. In her free time Tess is on a quest to make the perfect playlist for every moment. She also runs, reads sci-fi, nerds out over rocket launches and stalks other people's cats. 

Quick facts about Tess

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♍ Virgo

Chinese zodiac

🐀 Rat

Inspired by

Susan Kare for her work on the early Mac interface, and Margaret Hamilton for writing code that got us to the moon. 

Fun fact

Tess can open any jar, it's her very mild super power.