Pooja Bharadwaj

SEO Specialist

B.Tech (IT)(MITS), M.Bus (Marketing and International Business) (UQ)

Pooja plays an integral role in the success of the SEO team, leveraging her intimate knowledge of data analytics and keyword research.

Pooja has held many positions within a range of marketing environments, including software tester, marketing specialist and content writer. Pooja's testing background enables her to bring a deep level of technical understanding to her role as an SEO specialist, with her keen interest in technology, AI and Machine Learning keeping her ahead of any changes to the SEO landscape. Pooja began her career as a Software Tester at IBM in India, before moving to Queensland to study for a Master of Business from the University of Queensland. 

When Pooja isn't working, you can find her on her partner's farm, harvesting vegetables and herbs and tending to the farm animals. Pooja is also a coffee enthusiast who loves watching cricket, rugby and football.

Picture of Luminary employee, Pooja, standing in a black shirt with a black background

Quick facts about Pooja

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

David Goggins, American ultramarathon runner, author and retired United States Navy SEAL for his grit, tenacity and mental strength. "You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential" - David Goggins.

Fun fact

In a previous life, Pooja worked as a DJ and played music at weddings, corporate parties and birthdays.

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