Kaitlyn Ladd

Senior Digital Producer

Cert II Multimedia (Kangan Batman TAFE), Cert III Business (Aplus), Bachelor of Information Systems (Deakin)

Kaitlyn is a skilled Digital Producer with a knack for understanding a client's problem and how best to work collaboratively with them and the team to provide solutions that make their lives easier.

Kaitlyn brings a rich skillset to Luminary, having held several different roles ranging from digital operations to Application & Integration Lead for large-scale digital projects. Kaitlyn also tried her hand at Production earlier in her career, creating VR video games before moving into the agency scene and working on client work for Zoos Victoria, Business Events Sydney and SW TAFE. Kaitlyn's success in the industry is down to her ability to simplify complex problems and lead human-centric solutions.

Some of Kaitlyn's career highlights include working on Demand A Refund, which allowed consumers to leverage consumer advocacy resources and build automated legal letters for consumers, which resulted in over $23 million in 'junk insurance' refunds. Kaitlyn also worked with Meta to deliver an award-winning, highly-rated video game on the Oculus platform.

Kaitlyn likes to read fantasy novels, play video games and swim in the ocean in her free time. Kaitlyn also has an interest in portrait photography and supporting women's organisations and volunteers for organisations that support people experiencing family violence.

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Quick facts about Kaitlyn

Favourite emoji


Star sign


Chinese zodiac


Inspired by

Kaitlyn's friends inspire her every day, as watching people learn, grow and love is such an inspiring and fulfilling part of her life.

Fun fact

Kaitlyn and her partner have a binary star named after them in the Lyra constellation.

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