Ignasia Rosa

Quality Analyst

B.IT (Informatics Engineering) (Indonesia)

Ignasia is an experienced Quality Analyst with a keen eye for detail.

Ignasia is a detailed oriented Quality Analyst with extensive experience on both the agency and client side. Her previous roles include QA Lead for a fintech startup and Senior QA for an e-commerce startup. She is passionate about UX and sharing best practices in QA, and is always looking for opportunities to expand her skillset. In her spare time, Ignasia practices mindfulness colouring and likes to go city touring.

Quick facts about Ignasia

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♐ Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac

🐀 Rat

Inspired by

Her grandmother, for her love and passion towards cooking.

Fun fact

Ignasia has Trypophobia – an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.