Harry Sibenaler

Systems Administrator

B.ICT (IT and Networking) (Swinburne)

As Systems Administrator, Harry is responsible for keeping all the IT wheels turning for both Luminary and our clients.

Harry has a blackbelt in technical problem solving and is renowned for keeping a cool head when things don't go to plan. He approaches the task of maintaining thousands of websites and email accounts with efficiency and rigour, and rarely encounters a challenge he can't defeat. In his spare time, he contributes to "random projects" in Github and likes to conquer fictional adversaries in the virtual world of Counter-Strike. 

Quick facts about Harry

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♓ Pisces

Chinese zodiac

🐒 Monkey

Inspired by

Lil Dicky, a white Jewish rapper, because he didn't let his dreams be memes. 

Fun fact

Harry is currently ranked Silver Elite Master in Counter-Strike (Best of the worst).