Guillermo Soria

Digital Producer

B.Sc. Electronics Engineering

Guillermo has many years of experience as a project manager and IT and business process manager.

Guillermo's career began back in his home country, Mexico, where he held a variety of technology-related roles including Project Manager, IT & Business Process Manager, and IT Change Manager. He is experienced in developing projects with Agile, and has a deep understanding of IT Service Management. 

He first came to Australia in 2010 to study a Masters degree. He quickly fell in love with the country and migrated permanently in 2014. He has worked as a Digital Producer ever since.

In his spare time, Guillermo likes to get out into nature, ride his bike or go to the beach. He also enjoys reading novels as well as books about history, urban horticulture and the environment.

Quick facts about Guillermo

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♎ Libra

Chinese zodiac

🐕 Dog

Inspired by

Julio Cortázar, for his writing – especially in Rayuela (Hopscotch, in English) where he plays with a non-linear plot line that lets you re-read the book finding different endings every time. 

Fun fact

Guillermo competed professionally in both road cycling and triathlon, being part of Mexico's national teams for three years.