Greg Baxter

CX Director

Sitecore Strategy MVP 2018, 2019 & 2020

Greg is a Sitecore expert with a flair for raising the revenue needle for clients.

Greg is passionate about customer experience, digital engagement and driving measurable ROI using Sitecore. As a 10-year Sitecore veteran, and the longest serving Sitecore Greater Asia staff member when he left, Greg helped cement Sitecore as the digital experience platform of choice for enterprise, working with dozens of brands across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the US. Greg works closely with customers to gain revenue increases using Sitecore's optimisation capabilities – from fast-start, quick-win philosophies through to large scale transformation projects.

Quick facts about Greg

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♑ Capricorn

Inspired by

The Cluetrain Manifesto because it's an 'oldie but a goodie'.

Fun fact

Greg plays the bass (quite well) and the guitar (quite poorly), and loves loud, fast music.