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In a bid to expand our capacity in response to rising demand for our services, we have significantly expanded our team across Melbourne, Sydney and Bali. Here we introduce our new team members and what they’re currently working on.

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli, 24 August 20216 minute read

It’s an indisputable fact that the business landscape has radically changed over the past 18 months. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and sharpened consumer focus on the online user experience. For some organisations, who were contemplating a digital overhaul already, this trend has been a catalyst for change. For Luminary, it has been a catalyst for our plans to expand our team, particularly in relation to strategy and UX.

Over the past couple of months, we have signed up 11 new recruits, expanding our team by nearly 20 percent. In no particular order, say hello to our new team members...

Dr Marnie Crook 

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Role: UX Researcher

Location: Melbourne 

What are you working on? Research for the Salvation Army digital strategy project, including interviews with people who have experienced things like homelessness and financial hardship. I’m looking to understand how The Salvos’ digital channels can be used to improve their social services. I’m also working on research for the Luminary Discovery project, creating a vision for an ideal Luminary client experience and how we need to be prepared to meet the needs of target market clients.

What attracted you to Luminary? The clients we work with, not-for-profits and clients that offer services for unique and specific types of customers. 

What is your spirit animal? Sea Otter, because I'm silly, friendly, like to muck around with my friends, and then lay back and float around on the couch eating – usually with a bowl of snacks on my tummy.

Cristina Durrant 

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Role: Digital Content Specialist

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? I'm working on developing marketing communications to tell Luminary's story.

What attracted you to Luminary? The people, the purpose and the opportunity to practise what I love – informing and inspiring people through words.

What is your spirit animal? A snow leopard, because I'm courageous and trust my inner instincts and intuitions. I'm also very independent and pretty growly before my morning coffee.

Daniela Stoecher 

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Role: Senior Digital Producer

Location: Sydney

What are you working on? Reward Hospitality, Churches of Christ in Queensland, and now a well-known global NFP.

What attracted you to Luminary? I used to work client-side at Cancer Council Australia and Jase, Andy, Sarah, Drew, Neil, Bram and Tess helped migrate the website to Kentico. They were so nice that I joined 😊

What is your spirit animal? A lion – tame and chilled out from a distance but if you get too close, confident and feisty.

Mario Lopez

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Role: Solutions Architect

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? I'm helping Netwealth to decouple an Umbraco website from an internal application. The website uses a few internal resources to generate some parts of the markup and the process of creating new menu options is fairly complicated. 

What attracted you to Luminary? The main reason is the passion that you can feel from talking to the team. I have known Luminary for a few years and I have seen how they sponsor events, like the Umbraco Meetup or DDD melbourne. Luminary cares about people internally but also externally, contributing and giving back to the community. I have always considered that a key point in what I look for in a company. I love programming and I want to work with people that put effort into making this more than just a job.

What is your spirit animal? Ants. They are hard workers and work together for the greater outcome. They also can fall from amazing heights and they just get up and keep walking. 

Grace Purton-Long

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Role: Senior Designer

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? Designing and problem-solving new features for the award-winning Clipsal Electrical Design Application.

What attracted you to Luminary? The large number of health, education and not-for-profit clients and the B Corp certification. I could tell that Luminary's priorities aligned well with mine. Plus it was easy to see that the people and culture was a perfect fit too! 

What is your spirit animal? A sugar glider – quietly confident, I feel at home in the trees, and I pay close attention to the little things in life. I'm not afraid to take leaps and am open to new beginnings.

Leah Champion

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Role: People and Culture Lead

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? Supporting and empowering each team member so that they can be the best version of themselves.

What attracted you to Luminary? Its genuine people-first focus.

What is your spirit animal? The orangutan! They have such unique personalities and moods; quirky, funny, grumpy, smart and caring.

Martina Ricci

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Role: Front End Developer

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? I’m currently working on Cancer Council Australia, supporting them with a Bowel Screening microsite set-up and build. 

What attracted you to Luminary? Luminary caught my eye over a year ago, when I first attended an event at the Melbourne office. The way they made me feel welcomed and the genuineness of the people is something that I always kept in my mind. I love the idea of working in a company that feels like a family and where you feel so close with your co-workers. Luminary’s values are aligned with mine and with what’s important to me. It focuses on making a positive impact for its employees, clients, communities and the planet, as well as improving people’s experience on the web. 

What is your spirit animal? Cat – I’m curious to explore new things; I have a spirit of adventure and courage to go outside of my comfort zone; and I’m good at following my instincts.

Gemma Hinds

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Role: Account Director

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? Churches of Christ in Queensland, The Salvation Army, EISS, NGS, Healthy Life, PetCulture.

What attracted you to Luminary? Definitely the culture. I could tell from the outset that it was a supportive environment in which management genuinely cares about you as a person. Also for their extensive list of not-for-profit clients. I've always wanted to be part of an organisation that is making a positive impact within the digital space. 

What is your spirit animal? Otter. Apparently they can be very excitable, chatty and playful. Floating around in the water washing my face and chilling out is also my idea of self-care.

Amelia Davis

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Role: Front End Developer

Location: Melbourne

What are you working on? Revamping Clipsal’s website search. All new functionality, design and components to give an uplift for an improved user experience.

What attracted you to Luminary? The family-like culture that nurtures and supports you. You truly feel valued as an employee at Luminary!

What is your spirit animal? Eagle, as they look at life from a wide lens and don’t get tripped up on the smaller things. Essentially, they keep an open mind.

Mark MacSmith

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Role: Senior Digital Strategist

Location: Sydney

What are you working on? I just finished a discovery project for Australia's largest hospitality supplier, Reward Hospitality. Now I am working with The Salvation Army to help digitise its community service offerings.

What attracted you to Luminary? The fact that Luminary was a B-Corp was the first thing that interested me. However, after a few months of contracting it became clear that the culture is really supportive and the leadership are very generous with their time. This has created a really passionate and motivated group, and that's the kind of people I like to work with.

What is your spirit animal? The Eagle, as it represents vision and freedom. Eagles are always thinking strategically and they can work/hunt from anywhere.

Ignasia Rosa

Role: QA Analyst

Location: Bali 

Commencement date: 6 September 2021

Ignasia Rosa

What attracted you to Luminary? I can see Luminary comes from a solid collaboration by passionate teams to deliver the best experience. Also the culture is one of bonding and supporting each other. 

What is your spirit animal? Hawk. I love to learn things starting with seeing the bigger picture and observing, before I go deep into detail. I am friendly, caring, cheerful and mostly avoid conflict.

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