Anangga Dipa

Front End Developer

B.Sc (Post Harvest Technology)

Anangga is a talented all-rounder who specialises in front end development for websites built on .NET CMSs.

Anangga takes great delight in converting design and data into something a user can see, use and interact with to help them find what they need. He started his digital career as a full-stack developer using PHP and MySQL, as well as front end technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These days he focuses on front-end development predominantly for websites built on Kentico and Sitecore. He comes from a strong agency background and likes to spend his spare time cycling, travelling, camping and diving.

Quick facts about Anangga

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♑ Capricorn

Chinese zodiac

🐑 Sheep

Inspired by

Jackie Chan, because he started from the ground up and never forgot where he began.

Fun fact

Black coffee makes Anangga sleepy.